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RPH-36D,Double doors Electric Retarder Proofer

RPH-36D,Double doors Electric Retarder Proofer


Heated holding cabinet suitable for both full-size sheet pans and GN1/1 pans. 

PDF Spec Sheet



    • Exterior Dimensions: 33 7/8” x 50 3/8” x 81 1/8”
    •  2.5 KW of heating power
    • 220V/60Hz/1


    • Double Doors Retarder Dough Proofer
    • Tray size 18"X26" ,2 Trays/shelf
    • Precise control and easy operation with digital integrated control.
    • Indirect air blowing on the product from the air duct guidance mode makes more even.
    • Stainless steel rack is used to avoid pollution to the foods.
    • Well insulation due to higher pressure and higher density foam.
    • Imported refrigeration accessories make stable refrigeration effect.
    • More accurate temperature control and humidity control due to the individually control of heat and humidity.
    • Three digital tubes: hour, temperature, humidity
    • Maximum time of cold storage or refrigeration:4 days
    • Time range:0~24 hrs -Proofing humidity range:20~95%.      


    • Freezing temperature range:18 to 0℃ ( -0.4°F to 32°F)
    • Cool temperature range:0 to 5℃ (32°F to 41°F)
    • Defrosting temperature range:0 to 25℃ (32°F to 77°F)
    • Proofing temperature range:0 to 45℃( 32°F to 113°F)

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