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Automated Multifunction Vegetable Rotary

Automated Multifunction Vegetable Rotary


This compact 5L bowl cutter is specifically tailored for small-scale production needs. It is primarily utilized for cutting, grinding, or chopping various ingredients such as meat, roots, stems, and leafy vegetables (carrots, potatoes, tomatoes, celery, cabbage, etc.) to create a variety of dishes like dips, dumplings, steamed buns, sausages, and more. Crafted from full stainless steel, it boasts a sturdy and space-saving design with an attractive appearance, ensuring stable operation, low noise levels, and user-friendly convenience.



    • Process about 2kg of food at a time in just 1-3 mins
    • Small desktop, does not take up Space, easy to operate
    • 420J2 S/S blade, High strength, wear resistance, corrosion resistance
    • 5L large capacity hopper
    • 250w commercial motor, continuous and stable operation
    • -30rpm Turntable speed


    Power Consumption 250W/ 110V / 50Hz 
    Weight 33 lbs
    Capacity 5L
    Size 23.2" x 15.35" x 9.84"



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